CAT Scan Dental Images

The computer-aided tomography scan, or CAT scan, is a medical imaging method created by computer processing. Digital geometry processing is used to generate a three-dimensional image of the inside of your mouth. 3-D imaging takes only a few seconds and allows the dentist to rotate the image of the teeth and the jawbone up to 360 degrees, providing precise information for treatment. In this manner, the dentists at Lorton Town Dental are able to make informed decisions about your care. ICAT will show us if you have any issues related to impacted teeth, TMJ, abscesses, tumors, and a host of other problems that could lie beneath the surface and impact your overall health.

3-D imaging also plays a big role in implant dentistry, as it allows the dentist to simulate implant placement virtually through the existing, vital structures. This process aids us in placing the implant in ideal location and manner, so as to perfectly fit the patient’s anatomy. Also, in some cases, 3-D imaging is used to design surgical guides to assist the dentist in precise implant placement.

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