Digital Radiographs – Dental X-Ray Services

At Lorton Town Dental we use digital radiographs or digital x-rays. They provide the clearest images without wedging an uncomfortable sleeve of the film between your teeth and gums, and the images are transmitted to the monitor almost immediately.

The radiation exposure is minimal with digital radiographs; it is 99% less radiation exposure than conventional x-rays, and there are no environmentally hazardous chemicals used. This means there is no need to dispose of the chemicals, so our technology is green technology. Digital radiographs also take less time to develop, thus making your appointment shorter.

The best part about a digital x-ray is the health benefits. These crystal-clear dental images can be magnified and can show conditions in your teeth that cannot be seen by naked eyes, so they help in diagnosing the issues before they progress, which can save you complicated and costly treatment.

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