Broken Tooth or Filling

Teeth may be incredibly strong, but they can still chip, break or crack (fracture). Remember, treating a broken tooth at home is not an option - you need to see one of our Lorton emergency dentists at Lorton Town Dental as soon as possible!

Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth must be addressed immediately - even if there is no sensitivity or pain in the area. If left untreated and exposed, the pulp is at risk for developing an infection in the bone or tissue, requiring a root canal treatment.

As advanced as modern dentistry is, broken fillings can still happen. If your filling breaks, don't delay in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Khattab for emergency treatment. Many teeth can start out with a small break that only require one filling, but if treatment is delayed, the break can become more severe and may require more extensive treatment.


Questions About Our Emergency Dentist Services?

If you have experienced an oral accident resulting in a tooth being knocked loose, a filling being damaged, or a broken tooth, call Lorton Town Dental immediately to schedule your emergency dentist appointment.

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