Oral Sedation

If you suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Khattab may recommend oral sedation. These anti-anxiety pills tone down activity in the parts of your brain that cause you to feel anxious or afraid.

Some of the advantages of oral sedation dentistry:

  • It's easy to take. Dr. Khattab will prescribe a pill to help you stay calm. All you have to do is swallow it an hour or so before your appointment and you'll feel relaxed and calm by the time you arrive at our Lorton dental office for your appointment. You cannot drive yourself to your appointment after taking an oral sedative. Please be sure to arrange transportation to and from our office!
  • There are no needles. Many people are afraid of needles, which are used for IV sedation. Oral sedation is needle-free so you don't have to worry about trying to manage your fear of needles at the dentist.
  • It's safe. Every oral sedative Dr. Khattab prescribes is regulated by the FDA and is safe for adults to use. Our staff will review your medical history with you before prescribing oral sedation to ensure you don't experience negative side effects.
  • You won't be unconscious. You'll feel drowsy after taking oral sedation, but you'll still be awake and responsive during your dental appointment. You don't have to worry about not being able to respond to our team's instructions during your appointment.

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