Advantages Of Using Braces And Invisalign

Advantages Of Using Braces And Invisalign

Advantages Of Using Braces And Invisalign

By Lorton Town Dental

It’s important to remember that aligners can fix most orthodontic problems but not all of them. So, it would help if you talked to your Orthodontist at your first appointment about which alternative might assist you in getting the best results.

Many patients or their family members have asked us to tell them which option is best. It’s really up to you, so we thought we’d give you some information to help you decide if you need some time to consider your options.

In many situations, both braces and Invisalign options are available, so you can choose based on what you want and what works best for your life.Braces go on your teeth and are composed of metal or porcelain. The teeth are then moved into the right place with the help of metal wires and rubber bands.

Invisalign Aligners are composed of plastic and are designed to fit your teeth specifically. Each alignment tool moves the teeth closer to where they will end up. Small bumps of tooth-colored filling material called composite resin are put on some teeth to assist the aligner grip the tooth and move it in the right direction.

Invisalign Aligners Advantages


Since aligners are clear and made to fit your teeth, they are less obvious than braces. This is a factor for many patients, but not all.

When you take out your aligners to eat, it doesn’t change what you eat. No eating preferences need to be sacrificed.Some foods are hard or painful to eat with braces, and they can also break them, slowing down treatment and requiring more maintenance visits.


Since your aligners can be removed, you can brush your teeth and floss. This is important because many people find it hard to clean their teeth when they have braces on.


Since your Orthodontist has already planned how your teeth will move, the actual visits to the office are usually much easier and, in some cases, can be less frequent overall. This can be very helpful for people who are always on the go.


In general, aligners are easier to wear than braces. Even though the teeth can still be sore as they start to move, the plastic aligner is usually less irritating to the lips and cheeks than metal or porcelain braces. This may be especially important for people who play contact sports or sports with some contact.

Advantages Of Using Braces

Useful in every situation

While aligners can help in most cases, braces can help in every case. So, braces are always a possibility.

Different Kinds Of Braces

Different kinds of metal braces can have or do not have colors. There are also braces made of porcelain, which are much less obvious than metal braces.


Because the braces are fixed to your teeth, you can’t forget to wear them or lose them. This can be helpful for some patients who don’t have enough internal motivation to wear their aligners as often as they should.


When deciding which orthodontic treatment to get, there are many things to consider. We hope the information above will help you decide which option is best for you. There is no right or wrong choice, but knowing what your choice will mean for you every day is very important. Decide which pros or cons are most important to you to help you decide. Most importantly, ask questions. Make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice about Invisalign and braces treatment. You can visit our Invisalign dentist in Lorton Town to know more about our orthodontic treatment.