Getting Your Teeth Whitened Before Any Other Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting Your Teeth Whitened Before Any Other Cosmetic Dentistry - Lorton Town Dental

Getting Your Teeth Whitened Before Any Other Cosmetic Dentistry

By Lorton Town Dental

Though it’s frequently a professional decision as well, considering cosmetic dentistry is always a personal decision. Cosmetic dentistry is a terrific way to brighten your smile permanently, whether your goal is to appear amazing for a particular event or to excel at work with a shining smile. 

But it’s imperative that you get your teeth whitened first, before you decide with your cosmetic dentist on forms, colors, and procedures.

If you say no, most cosmetic dentists will advise you to take this step, and some will even ask you to really consider it again. You must realize that this isn’t an attempt to upsell you; rather, it’s a request for you to consider what you might desire in the future.

The Color of Your Teeth

Even spotlessly clean teeth aren’t completely white. To be fair, achieving “perfect” white teeth can be challenging, but it’s common for most people to have some yellow in their teeth.

Having said that, the color of the other materials in your mouth is also influenced by the color of your teeth. For example, if you have a bridge to close a gap that your teeth are still unable to close, the bridge’s cover will precisely match your teeth, down to the exact shade.

The problem is that once cosmetic teeth modifications like veneers and bridges are in place, they cannot have their color modified. This means that whitening won’t work on them and you won’t be able to alter their color.

Choosing Your White Early

Your cosmetic dentist is one of the people who is most knowledgeable about the spectrum of hues that exist in white. Making sure veneers, bridges, and crowns are precisely the proper color to match the mouth they are going into is the only way to guarantee that they will look good after they are in place.

However, don’t have your tooth color measured and catered to right immediately if you plan to get teeth whitening done in the future.

Rather, you should decide on the desired level of whiteness, discuss with your cosmetic dentist the steps necessary to get there, and then create the aesthetic components that will eventually be placed in your mouth. 

Getting a Whitening Before Other Cosmetic Services

Teeth Whitening is typically regarded as the foundation procedure in cosmetic dentistry, and it often marks the beginning of an individual’s realization of their teeth’s potential.

You may wish to undergo one to three whitening sessions before committing to a color match for the decorative porcelain tooth enhancements, depending on how yellowed your teeth are naturally and how receptive they are to the whitening procedures.

Before this moment, the whiter your teeth can be, the better. By doing this, you may ensure that your veneers complement your teeth to the fullest, which will encourage you to maintain the cleanliness and whiteness of your natural teeth underneath your veneers.

If you have never had cosmetic dentistry done before but are considering it seriously, we advise you to start with a basic whitening and discuss escalation with your dentist.

In this manner, you will have scheduled one cleaning and whitening visit in advance. When you and your dentist are done, you’ll be able to select the brightest white available for an astonishingly radiant smile. This will happen when you’re finally ready to commit to something in porcelain, like veneers or a crown.

Decide how much white is appropriate in collaboration with your dentist, and then proceed accordingly. Please get in touch with us at Lorton Town Dental right now for more details regarding cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening in Lorton, VA.