How Sedation Dentistry Helps You Get Rid Of Dental Anxiety

How Sedation Dentistry Helps You Get Rid Of Dental Anxiety?

Going to visit a dentist is not something everyone eagerly looks forward to. Many people avoid visiting a dentist in Lorton due to the fear they have. Not receiving treatment from the dentist for a long time can lead to the development of plaque and tartar, which eventually leads to tooth decay and tooth loss. Sedation dentistry provides the much needed solution for such people. It involves various treatment methods that make the person feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. Sedation dentistry involves various sedation levels.

Depending on the level of dental fear, anxiety and stress you have, the dentist in Lorton will determine which sedation level is best for you in getting the desired results. The more dental fear you have, the stronger the sedation required. Some of the common causes of dental anxiety include the previous not-so-good experience with a dentist, gag reflexes problem and overall fear of the general atmosphere, including the drilling sound.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Various benefits are associated with sedation dentistry. Many patients who have undergone sedation dentistry have said that they felt the whole procedure to be completed within a shorter time period. It is ideal for procedures that are lengthy and complex. Patients often feel that they are in a sleepy state during the procedure. At the same time, they are conscious and can respond to the Lorton dentist. Those who have undergone sedation dentistry also do not remember much of the procedure. It is a better option for those who fear dental sounds, smells and tools.

Yet another benefit of sedation dentistry is that it prevents dental problems in future. It leads to the emergence of dental issues. Due to the fear, a person may neglect to visit a dentist in Lorton due to which preventive care cannot be performed. A dentist may need to do extensive procedures for restoring the teeth or identifying any oral diseases that have affected the person. Sedation dentistry breaks this cycle of poor oral health. It also allows the person to receive cosmetic dentistry treatment that helps the patient improve their smile.

Sedation dentistry also saves you money. Those who have a busy schedule can prefer sedation dentistry. There are specific treatments that may require the person to have multiple appointments. The dentist in Lorton may provide a pill containing anti-anxiety medications or tranquilizer that needs to be taken before the procedure. The oral sedatives help the person remain conscious enough to follow simple instructions. The person should ask one of their friends or family members to accompany them during sedation dentistry. For some people, the dentist may provide sedation using nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. The dentist in Lorton can adjust the amount depending on the patient’s needs. Another method is sleep dentistry, in which general anesthesia needs to be administered for those who have severe dental anxiety.

If you think you have dental anxiety, look no other than Lorton Town Dental for sedation dentistry services to make you feel relaxed and comfortable while in a dentist’s chair.